Meaning of Itadakimasu

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Itadakimasu is the word spoken by Japanese people before every meal as an expression of appreciation.
But this appreciation is not only for the food we are about to receive; it goes much deeper into the fabric of Japanese culture and society.

First, we appreciate life around us. All the food we eat used to be a living, breathing, growing or grazing life form, from animals or vegetables to a single grain of rice. To eat and sustain our lives, another life must be sacrificed.
Therefore, we say Itadakimasu to show our gratitude to all forms of life.

Second, it takes the efforts of a huge number of people to make just one plate of food. There are farmers growing vegetables, ranchers raising livestock and fishermen scouring the ocean so others can transport and prepare meals. Without all their efforts nothing would appear on your dining room table. The fish you are about to eat might have been caught on the other side of the planet and brought to you through the efforts of thousands of people. We seldom stop to recognize how deeply we are indebted and connected to helping each other around the globe.
Therefore, we say Itadakimasu to show our appreciation to all people.

Third, living creatures cannot live without sunlight, air, water, soil and all of nature’s blessings. The sun goes up every morning and goes down every evening. We are all alive because of the earth’s bounty. Our food and all life forms, including our own lives, depend on nature and earth.
Therefore, we say Itadakimasu to show our deep gratitude to the earth and the universe.

Only one word, Itadakimasu, carries so many meanings.

Itadakimasu is a word of gratitude to all life, our work and efforts, and to the earth itself.

Hopefully we can share the spirit of Itadaki-masu and live in harmony with nature and unseen people across the planet in order to build a better society for future generations of children.

Let’s enjoy the meal, Bon Appétit and feel Itadakimasu spirit!

by Itadakimasu TV

Meaning of Itadakimasu