Theatrical performance A SEED “Ichi-ryu Man-bai”

Ichi-ryu Man-bai
A single seed can produce millions of grains…

The meaning of Ichi-ryu Man-bai (一粒萬倍) is that a single seed can eventually produce millions of grains, a great harvest, and in this same way a single wish can spread amongst millions of people.

Inspired by Japanese mythology, this performance tells the story of the beginning of the universe where a single grain grows into millions and becomes a great harvest, sustaining all of our lives.  One of the main themes of A SEED is to express our gratitude for the harvest and give blessings to our Mother Earth.

Four elements blend together in the live performance: traditional Japanese music, contemporary dance, Japanese Kimono dress and flower arrangement.

The performance concept is harmony and fusion: the fusion of traditional Japanese music and western music, of traditional performance and contemporary dance, of Japanese Kimono and modern design.

The theatrical performance, Ichi-ryu Man-bai, is not only an entertainment show, but also in dedication and gratitude to all forms of life and the blessings of Mother Earth.  (Full version)
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Cast/ Dancers: Baliasi
Player: Kotsuzumi – Mochizuki Saburo, Ookawa – Yumiko Shigekusa,
Shakuhachi – Shouzan Sakurai
Flower arrangement: Hideyuki MIyanaga
Music: Tsuyoshi Yamanaka, Yuko Yamanaka
Photo: Yutaka Sakai